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Free ebooks Tuesday September 24!

Tethered (Book one of J+P series) 
ASIN: B00CSUXBOW's an 18 year old girl who is navigating her first year at college. She is finding it to be both liberating and challenging. She also has just met some incredible friends and a gorgeous guy who sends such mixed messages that she is unsure if he likes her or wishes she didn't exist.Can she break the ties that tether her to her parents, get the amazing grades she needs to stay at school, and win the heart of Jared? Follow Perry in her first college year in Book One of the P + J series.
Trusting Strangers
ASIN: B00AQB2S6W is just an average 7 year old growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. But she is noticing her parents arguing more and is not 100%…

A snippet from my new book Inconsequential

I have been hard at work on Inconsequential!  I hope to have it out before Christmas.  Here is a snippet for you to enjoy:
I returned to my room freshly showered.  I hated sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls, but it felt refreshing to wash the day away.  Molly was already in her pj’s and was flipping through tv stations.  “Hey Perry, your mom called.  I told her you were in the shower.”
“Thanks, I’ll call her tomorrow.  I am pooped and need to get up early.  You going to bed soon?”
“Yep, in a few minutes.  Goodnight Perry.”
“Goodnight.”  I climbed into my side of the loft and pulled the blankets around me.  Before I knew it I was off in dreamland.
“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Perry...Happy Birthday to you.”  I make a wish and blow out the candles on the most beautiful birthday cake ever.  
I look across the room and see Jared smiling at me amongst the room full of friends and family.  Something about his smile feels like a warm embrace.  I’ve missed…