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Broken Survivor - New Release by Jennifer Labelle

Broken Survivor by Jennifer Labelle

Holly Hewitt is a survivor… After witnessing her mother’s murder, Hollywas returned to her abusive father. Resorting to drugs and alcohol, she ends uplanding herself in foster care, where she is separated from her sister andutterly alone. Zander Harrison is the light to her darkness… Zander is young, athletic, and carefree, withthe support of a loving family. But when Holly is placed in foster care withhis brother’s in-laws, she turns his world upside down. He’s driven to protect her, and to show herthe past has made her strong, life is worth living, and love is worth fightingfor. If only he can convince her to trust him and stop resisting their mutualattraction. Butsometimes even love isn’t enough to heal a shattered soul. And allthe hard work in the world can’t save… A brokensurvivor.
AUTHOR BIO Jennifer Labelle resides in Canada with herhusband and three…

Thunderclap for Rarity blog tour

I decided to try a thunderclap for my Rarity blog tour signup.  It takes 100 supporters to launch the message to thousands.  So, I need supporters to get my message to launch.  Currently there is 14 days remaining and 77 people needed. If you have fb or twitter, please click the link below to support my campaign. Thank you!

Cover reveal for Rarity

HTML CODE: Title: Rarity Author: D.A. Roach Genre: YA Romance Release Date: June 16, 2015
Brogen Mathers can’t deal with teen drama...
As an empath, she is constantly bombarded with other people’s energies. Despite coping techniques taught by her psychologist mother, it’s often too much to bear, forcing her to avoid most activities a typical high school junior would enjoy.
Jay Wilken won’t let his past define him...
A dead mother and an alcoholic father brought Jay to Stanton, but he doesn’t want pity. His good looks, charisma, and friendly nature quickly win over the whole student body, but he has his eye on one girl...Brogen.
Brogen can’t believe anyone could be so genuinely nice. It has to be an act, right? But when Jay literally saves her from deadly jaws, she has to admit he’s exactly what he appears, and he’s worth risking the potential emotional upheaval.
“Drama” might as well be Becca Grant’s middle name...
Another newcomer to Stanton, Becca’s blonde beauty and abundant attitude…
November Sky (Hardest Mistakes #2) by Dannielle Wicks Release Date: 05/19/15 Limitless Publishing
Summary from Goodreads:

KRISTIAN REED is only seventeen years old when his girlfriend, JESSICA SCOTT, dies in a tragic accident. Devastated and burdened with guilt, he finds it impossible to move on.
Six years later, he’s not doing any better. He’s accepted a prestigious internship at a big city new station, but he’s still losing himself in alcohol and women to numb his pain.
BAILEY NICHOLS is assertive and annoying, but something draws her and Kristian together. Her brother hates him, but Bailey is used to getting what she wants. She knows the pain of losing people you love, and she's determined to break through Kristian’s emotional wall and prove they belong together.
Jessica is caught between worlds. She can't let go of Kristian, but she's not meant to be here, and her lingering is th…