Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I'm hearing jingle bells this time of year and what better way to celebrate the holidays than to do free promo days??!!  All the kindle versions of my books will be free to download over the next few days.  Don't forget to leave feedback on amazon if you read it.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!  (photo from

Trusting Strangers free 12/21-22

Tethered (Book 1 of J+P series) free 12/23-24

Inconsequential (Book 2 of J+P series) free 12/25-26

Rarity free 12/27-28

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get it today!

Inconsequential (Book 2 of J+P series) is #free #ebook download 11/20 and 11/21! 

What's it about: A teen in her second year of college trying to make the grade, figure out how to walk the line between friendship and love with her male friends, and trying to leave her abusive past behind her.  Get it free today!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inconsequential free e-day!

#Inconsequential (Book 2 of J+P series) #ebook will be #free to #download Thursday November 20 - Friday November 21.

In Book 2, Perry is beginning her second year of #college.  She is excited to see her friends and do her best to get the grades needed to get into the school of Life Sciences.  The school is very competitive and her #domineering parents have told her that if she fails, she will be taken out of college and be brought back home.  This is not an option for Perry.

She also is finding her self in a #LoveTriangle.  She struggles with knowing how to have #HealthyRelationships when all she knows is what her #abusive past has taught her.  Can she love and be loved?  Will it get in her way of a successful school year and her continued freedom from her abusive family?

What's with the single word titles???

The answer to that is 3 words...I don't know.  

But here is why I chose the titles I did for my 3 one word titles.

Tethered - to be attached to another object

In the Tethered (book 1 of J+P series) novel, Perry is finding her way at college.  But she comes from a home where emotional and verbal abuse are the norm.  Her parents are enmeshed in her life and control her like a marionette.  She is Tethered to her parents, no matter how many miles separate them.

Inconsequential - of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial.

Inconsequential (book 2 of J+P series) follows Perry as she inches closer to freedom and becoming untethered.  But she soon learns that what she wants or needs is Inconsequential to her parents.

Rarity -something esteemed or interesting in being rare, uncommon, or curious

Rarity (a stand alone novel) deals with a teen diagnosed with a rare collagen disorder that makes their bodies very fragile and can be fatal.  Other examples of Rarity in the book include the male character being charismatic and crossing all clique boundaries and also the courage to love unconditionally and take the good and bad days.  As a teen it is easy to care just about yourself and how others perceive you.  It is also a risk to embrace the unknown, which Brogen is faced with.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Social Media = self-published book success??

So I wrote the books, got some reviews...but how do you get more eyes on it?  I recently joined #Twitter and connected with some other #SelfPublishedAuthors.  I asked them what the key to success was.  Their answer...#SocialMedia.  That means blogging, writing to bloggers, tweeting, adding hashtags to keywords, etc where ever I can.  So for the next 30 days I will connect in someway with social media each day and see if it nets more eyes on my latest book, #Rarity.  I'll keep you posted on the results of my experiment.

So far I have 12 reviews of Rarity, have had 411 free downloads, and 89 actual sales.  So...more eyes need to find my books.  Hopefully by the end of November these numbers will look different.  Keep you posted.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Big day!

Today is my first Author Fair/book signing.  I'll be at Homer Township Public Library in Homer Glen, IL tonight between 6:30-8:30pm selling all 4 of my books (cash only) and signing them.  There will be 11 other authors there as well.  Come join us!

Also, today is the last free day of the Rarity ebook download.  You can click the link I provide to get your copy.  Remember, reviews help authors more than you can imagine.  Spread the word to friends and family!

Friday, October 17, 2014

For the first time ever...Rarity free!

This weekend, Rarity is free to download on  Oct. 18-20, 3 days at the link above.  Share it, read it, review it.

This book was inspired by the brave people challenged with vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  It's a fictional tale about a young man who finds he's diagnosed with veds.  This rare collagen disorder makes his hollow organs and blood vessels extremely fragile.   But Rarity also explores what this disorder does to a relationship, to someone's self-esteem.  Reader's have stated that the characters are so vividly painted, it's like looking into the lives of one of the real life patients.

This book was written to educate and raise awareness of veds to the public and give hope to those challenged with it.

Download Rarity and see what the beauty of courage and unconditional love.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Rarity characters

Here are famous people who resemble the characters I envisioned for Rarity.

Brogen, not trying too hard to get noticed by the boys.  Without makeup, she can blend in with all the kids, but with makeup...look out!

Becca is confident, gorgeous, the blonde goddess...and she always gets what she wants.  All the boys want her, and all the girls want to be her....except Brogen.

Jay, has a slight athletic build, straight hair, and mesmorizing eyes.  He's confident but not cocky...and has the most magnetic personality.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Author fair!

I've been given the honor of being invited to participate in an author panel.

Monday, October 20, 2014 6:30-8:30pm at Homer Public Library in Homer Glen, IL!

I'll have copies of all my books available for sale.  Hope to see you there!

   Contact: Heather Colby   708-301-7908
Spend an evening with published authors at our 7th annual Author Fair! This free event will feature book signings, panel discussions, raffles, and refreshments. Participating authors (of both adult and children’s books) include Helen Osterman, Deanna Shelby, Deborah Roach, Gary Yambor, Donna Zadunajsky, Casey Ziemiarski, and more!


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Submitted and soon to release!

Rarity pre-order will be available 9/4/14 via amazon. The official release date is 9/12/14.   It will be available as paperback and ebook.  Here's is the cover art and the blurb about the book.  It's a young adult romance and I'm excited about this story because it includes a young man who's recently diagnosed with a rare disorder.  It effects his life on so many levels. 

Being diagnosed with a rare disorder is incredibly frustrating.  Local doctors often have minimal knowledge of how to care for you and as a patient, or parent of the patient, you must learn all you can and teach the local doctors.  Unfortunately some doctors are not open to information or suggestions put forward by their patients. 

Rare disease research also doesn't have very much finanacial support. I will donate a portion of my book sales to fund the research of vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Thank you to all who purchase my book, countless families ,as well as my own, are grateful for the support.

It's her junior year at Stanton High.  Brogen, an empathic teen, is looking forward to another uneventful year with her buddy Meg at her side.  Meg and Brogen are not in the in-crowd, actually, they aren't in any crowd.  They are content keeping a low profile and doing their own thing.  

But the first day of school brings Becca, the blonde babe, and Jay, the charismatic guy who doesn't fit any stereotype.  These two new students pull Brogen out of her comfort zone and  into a new social situation.    And with the good parts of this new situation...comes the bad. 

Becca is attracted to Jay and is prepared to stomp on the competition when it comes to making Jay her boyfriend.  Brogen wants no part of any high school drama, but life...or fate keeps putting Jay and Brogen on a path together.  This puts a target on Brogen's back and she's not sure Jay is worth the wrath of Becca. 

As they journey through their school year, several life changing events alter the relationship between Jay and Brogen.  But the question remains, should they give in to fate and give love a chance? Or fight it and take the easy road?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Working on the Cover

Brogen's nightly art journal

She has the gift, or curse, of being empathic.  Some days the emotions of others are enough to send her in a deep depression.  Until she can learn to shield herself she copes by drawing in a journal on a nightly basis, running, and meditating.  I tried to capture what I thought a page from her journal would look like.  It's not done.. just a sneak peek but I'm hoping to use it for the cover art. Enjoy!  Hoping to release Rarity the first part of September.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwing rocks in the pond


If you throw a handful of rocks in the pond, you hope to make a few ripples.  I contacted 3 book agents about Rarity.  You pretty much give them a short blurb about yourself and your story and hope they ask for more.  I know I need to contact about 200 more because most authors get tons of rejects.  I'm not looking to sign on for life...I would just like a professional push for Rarity, especially since a large portion of the profits will be donated to vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome research.  The more money it makes, the bigger donation. It's hard for me to try this new route of distribution...I want to release Rarity TODAY!  But if I am shopping book agents...I need to wait.  From what I read...most publishers don't look at a book unless it's presented to them by a book agent. 

In other exciting news, the library in my childhood hometown invited me and 11 other authors to speak on an author panel and sell our books at the library.  I was honored to receive this invitation and will be attending in October.  It's strange going from "stay at home mom" to an author that presents to students occasionally and being invited to be on a panel.  Strange but exciting.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On the fence

So new things are daunting because of the unknown.  I am mentally and emotionally debating whether to try to get a literary agent and try to get Rarity published the old fashioned way.  Doing this would give it greater exposure which I so desperately's a topic dear to my heart and raising awareness about it is essential.  BUT,  I have never gone down that path.  I have not pursued others...I've just created and put it out there for any and all to try.  What if no one wants it?  What if they want it and want more from me and I find myself stuck in contracts and facing timelines???  I'm envious of authors like Jessica Sorenson who seem to put out new stories every month.  It takes me a little while to settle upon something worth talking about, and some more time to let the story grow around those ideas.  Nothing fast here.  I guess it's worth a try, and if all else fails I'll pursue self-publishing as I have in the past.

Inconsequential is free for download 6/26/2014.

Trusting Strangers is free for download 6/26-27/2014 B00AQB2S6W

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Emotional abuse

Tethered, free May 17-18 for download

Perry is a young teen girl, she's never been allowed to think for herself or be independent.  She's grown up thinking that someone must really love you if they yell and degrade you.  She's walked on egg shells most of her life to avoid conflict.  And now she is beginning college, where she is miles away from her toxic parents and having her first taste of freedom.

Tethered follows Perry through her freshman year, introducing many new characters to her life , most are loving and supportive.  While this is foreign to her, she finds she is still very much tethered to the people back home.   The book contains some mature content including abuse and selfharm so it's geared toward  18+. 

Check it out and please leave an honest review on amazon and or goodreads.


Friday, May 02, 2014

Rarity (newest book) and a hidden disease

This month is EDS awareness month.  My life has been touched by this rare disorder.  And it has inspired a character in my latest book I'm working on, Rarity.  Please read and share.  Those that have the vascular type need to be aware of it because their lack of good collagen makes their organs, blood vessels, and skin very fragile.  If you suspect you have EDS, please talk with your physician.  And if you think you have VEDS, please rule it out with a blood test.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Inconsequential snippet and free dates

Here is a snippet from my book that will be free for download tomorrow and Wednesday.

Chapter 6

“So are we buying something for everyone in the group?” Mags asked.

‘Yep, price is between $5-$10.” I confirmed.

The guys were coming up for a movie night again.  We were in our final push before winter break.  The pizza was ordered, the movies were cued, and I was finishing trimming Edward’s hair.

“I’m next.” Jared said.  Jared started hanging around us more after the physics study session.  It was nice having him around again and I was doing a good job of not letting my mind take it past a friendship. 

“Edward, you are all set, that will be $100.” I smiled. 

“Umm, I will gladly pay you Tuesday.” He joked.

“What are you doing?  Channeling your inner Wimpy?  I’ll just take a ‘thank you’.”

The boys were so trusting to have me give them a trim.  I was not skilled at cutting hair but I was anal about symmetry and the only girl brave enough to risk the boys getting ticked if they hated it.   It was a good thing I hadn’t had an angry customer yet. “Jared, you’re up.”  He sat in front of me and they began the movie.  When I was more than halfway done with his cut, our phone rang.  “Hello?”

“Hold on a sec.”  I said to Jared and I went out into the hall and shut the door to speak in private.  My mom then inquired how my studying for finals was coming.  I wondered if she could hear the people in my room.  She probably thought I never studied and just partied.  If that’s what she thought, she’s mistaken.  I socialized about 25% of the time and that included meals and roommate time. The rest of my time was spent in class, studying, or sleeping.

“Mom, I walked past this building called Student Services the other day.  I went in to see what was in there and they had guidance counselors that could help you make choices for your classes and career.”

“So?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

“So, they had this test you could take.  It asked a ton of questions.  Then they scored it and they could narrow down which careers would be best for your personality.”

“Again, so what?”

“So I took the test. I figured this career path I am currently on is so competitive that if my best isn’t good enough, it’s nice to know there are other options out there.”

“Yeah, like flippin’ burgers at a fast food joint,” she muttered under her breath.  But I heard it and I was feeling both mad and defeated.

“Actually, there are tons of good careers out there that would pay well.  And guess what?  My personality doesn’t even fit with the career path I am on!”  I was beginning to talk faster and louder.  I was excited about learning about other jobs I could pursue and wanted to share that promising news.  I was a good student and knew I could succeed at something, if I found the right path.

“What do a bunch of hippy guidance counselors know?!  I have known you my whole life and know what’s best for you.  And you’d better remember that if you don’t have outstanding grades...this will be your last year there.  If you can’t succeed at life sciences, then you will amount to nothing.  There is such a need for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, vets, that is the only career worth spending any time and attention.”  The tears were racing down my face.  “I don’t agree with you.  There are lots of jobs you can work and make good money at.  Besides, you have to LIKE your job too.  You’ll be working at it the rest of your life.  Doesn’t that matter?”   I hated my life.  Why could I not be free to make my own decisions?

“Goodbye mother.” I said and hung up before she could say anything more.  I took some solid breaths and wiped my tears away. It took me several minutes though because the tears fell faster once I hung up the phone.  Hopefully no one would notice, I didn’t want the whole crowd asking me a million questions to try and understand my home life.  When I felt calm and collected, I returned to my room.

The movie was rolling and everyone was settled in their spots.  Jared was right where I left him and I picked up my scissors to finish his haircut.

“You know, your eyes are so beautiful when you cry,” he said very quietly.  I was shocked and ashamed at the same time. I thought I had waited long enough in the hall for the physical signs of crying to dissipate.  I must have looked splotchy with blood shot eyes. I looked to the ground to avoid his eye contact.   “Are you ok?”  He asked.  I glanced around the room, everyone was distracted by the movie except Jared.  I nodded and continued cutting his hair.  “I’m sorry, it’s really hard for me to sit here while she says mean things to you on the phone.  It takes everything in me to not rip the phone out of your hand and chew her out.  I don’t even know her and I already hate her.  You’re a good person Perry, I don’t know what her problem is.”  I felt new tears forming.  He got me.  No one ever spoke up for me or defended me.  Everyone would just look at me in silence or disbelief.  I felt his arms wrap around my waist for a hug.  I put my arm around his shoulders and whispered “Thank you.”  I felt part of my heart heal with his kind words.   All this time I never thought anyone would understand what it felt like to be me.  I had quit trying to get people to understand because they only saw the facade, they never saw how behind it was a pile of crap that rotted and festered.  No one had believed me, until today.

Inconsequential (book 2 of J+P series) free for download Wed 4/23 & Thurs 4/24

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I have not struck least not yet :)  BUT, I started writing my new book entitled Rarity.  Here's the premise:  A teen girl living with her mom in a small town.  She's not very popular, in fact she really only has one friend, but this is her choice.  You see, she has a gift of being very intune to others and can quickly tell if they are good natured or not.  Unfortunately, most are not.

Brogen is beginning her Junior year at Stanton High with her best bud Meg at her side.  The first day of school introduces 2 new students, one she has figured out immediately, the other, a guy named Jay, is a puzzle to her. 

Jay transferred to Stanton after his dad left for rehab.  After his mom passed away suddenly two years ago, his dad has struggled being a single parent while mourning the death of his wife.  Unfortunately he turned to the bottle to take the pain away. 

Jay has moved in with his aunt and uncle and favorite cousin, Soren while his dad works on getting better.  Despite the obstacles Jay has faced he is still one of the most charismatic and likable guys walking the planet.  He'd be a liar if he said his mom's death and dad's plunge into alcoholism didn't bother him, but Jay has a great game face.   He had 15 years in a healthy, happy home.  15 years of encouragement, praise, more. 

While adjusting to his new living arrangements, town, and school he's feeling fortunate to have an attractable personality...easy to make friends and fit in. 

Brogen and Jay are thrown together through chance circumstances.  The proximity and interaction is driving Brogen's curiosity about him through the roof.  She doesn't let fake, pretentious, shallow people in, was he one of them or was he worth letting in?  Would he even look twice at her since his charm granted him access to any girl in any group?  Rarity is a story of how fate sets the course of your life.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Stand alone with Perry and Jared tugging at me

I am working on a stand alone novel, but everytime I sit at the computer, book 3 of J+P wants to come out.  Sigh.  I'm trying to wait a tad longer to give book 1& 2 to get going.  I need reviews and eyes on the books.  I WILL write book 3 this year.  Hopefully I can get this next book out without much internal turmoil.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Inconsequential and Trusting Strangers free this weekend

In an attempt to get more eyes on my books and more reviews 2 of my books are free this weekend.  Incosequential is free today and Saturday, and Trusting Strangers is free today through Sunday.  If you read them, please post an honest review, no matter how brief or lengthy...anything helps.  Review books at and or goodreads. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free February!

To celebrate my birthday, all 3 of my books will be free to download on amazon Feb. 1, 2014.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inconsequential free today!

Download the second book in the J+P series and follow Perry through her sophomore year of college as she navigates the social waters and works hard to make the grade.

Will Perry and Jared find their way to each other or is it just not meant to be?

Will Perry's tyrannical parents dominate her life and stomp out her happiness?

Will Perry succeed academically and get the grades needed to be accepted into the highly competitve life science program?  It's her only hope at quieting her parents threats.  Maybe she will cut the last string that tethers her and finally be free to make decisions, breathe, and live without fear of consequences.

If you read my book, please consider reviewing.  No matter how brief or in depth, an honest review helps others decide if my book is right for them (and helps me spread the word).


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inconsequential free this Sunday 1/26!!

Curious about if Perry and Jared find their way to each other?  This Saturday, book 2 of the J+P series, Inconsequential, will be free to download on kindle.  Check it out and write a review on amazon or goodreads!  Thanks and happy reading!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Inconsequential is Live!

Book 2 in the J+P series is available at  Here is a link for the kindle version, however you can also pick up a paper copy.  Here is a link to the kindle version (remember, you don't need to own a kindle to read a kindle can down load the kindle app on ipad, ipod, or android phones or download kindle for pc):

I am looking for people to review my book.  A book needs 10 reviews on amazon before you can start running promos.  If you are interested in helping me with this, I can gift you the book.  Please PM me on facebook with your email address.

Thanks and happy reading!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inconsequential COMING SOON!!!

Inconsequential, the 2nd book in the J+P series, will be available in the next week or 2 on as an ebook download.  I enjoyed rereading it as I reviewed the editor notes.  I will need volunteers to review the book on and/or  If you are interested you can private message me on my facebook page.  I will need your email address, and I will gift you the book.  I promise to not give your email to anyone, it is solely used to gift the book to you.

Thanks in advance!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Donations that save lives

So 2013 delivered a huge hunk of bad news.  Someone very close to me was diagnosed with a rare collagen disorder, vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  This young child has 14% collagen in his body compared to the 100% the rest of us has.  His skin tears easily, he bruises easily, his future includes yearly echos, CTA flash scans every 3 years to look for aneurysms, heart medication daily to keep his blood pressure low, no contact sports or any exertion, no roller coasters, no surgeries that are not life saving...and the list goes on.  The average life expectancy is 48 yrs but some pass much sooner as their skin, blood vessels, and hollow organs have the consistency of wet toliet paper and can tear easily.

There are some amazing doctors and scientists who have recently found some potential treatments to strengthen their collagen and there are some amazing potential cures as well.  But they need donations to pay the scientists to work on this.  It is a rare cause, but if they have financial support, they can save thousands of lives now.  If you would like to help find a cure, please follow the link below and make a donation.  Thank you.

**AUDIO TOUR With Giveaway** Cross by D.A. Roach

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