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Bonus scene of Rarity

Bonus Scene of Rarity ©D.A. Roach 2015 This scene takes place at the end of Rarity.
“Hey babe, thanks for helping me organize this.  I think Soren is gonna’ be surprised.”              I scanned the pool deck and saw Soren’s soccer friends along with a dozen more friends of Jay and Soren.  We rented the community pool from 8pm to10pm and worked feverishly to string the lights and decorations.  Meg was on Soren duty, keeping him busy until 8:30 when we’d be ready for him.             “I hope so.  Meg sometimes gets excited and lets the cat out of the bag.”             “Think she’ll do that?” Jay looked at me with worry.             “No idea.  If it happens though, it will be by accident.” I knew Meg was becoming more attracted to Soren and really wanted this night to be a success.  I also knew that she didn’t need me or Jay interfering with their budding relationship.             “He told me he put a note in her mailbox last Friday.” Jay said as he hooked up the stereo.             “I heard, M…

Guest Blog - Between the Bleeding Willows by D.A. Roach

Check out my guest blog post at Fang-tastic Books!

Top 10 list of What I wish I knew before becoming a Writer included!

Guest Blog - Between the Bleeding Willows by D.A. Roach