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Submitted and soon to release!

Rarity pre-order will be available 9/4/14 via amazon. The official release date is 9/12/14.   It will be available as paperback and ebook.  Here's is the cover art and the blurb about the book.  It's a young adult romance and I'm excited about this story because it includes a young man who's recently diagnosed with a rare disorder.  It effects his life on so many levels.  Being diagnosed with a rare disorder is incredibly frustrating.  Local doctors often have minimal knowledge of how to care for you and as a patient, or parent of the patient, you must learn all you can and teach the local doctors.  Unfortunately some doctors are not open to information or suggestions put forward by their patients.  Rare disease research also doesn't have very much finanacial support. I will donate a portion of my book sales to fund the research of vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Thank you to all who purchase my book, countless families ,as well as my own, are grateful for the su…

Working on the Cover

Brogen's nightly art journalShe has the gift, or curse, of being empathic.  Some days the emotions of others are enough to send her in a deep depression.  Until she can learn to shield herself she copes by drawing in a journal on a nightly basis, running, and meditating.  I tried to capture what I thought a page from her journal would look like.  It's not done.. just a sneak peek but I'm hoping to use it for the cover art. Enjoy!  Hoping to release Rarity the first part of September.