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Inconsequential snippet and free dates

Here is a snippet from my book that will be free for download tomorrow and Wednesday.Chapter 6“So are we buying something for everyone in the group?” Mags asked.‘Yep, price is between $5-$10.” I confirmed.The guys were coming up for a movie night again.  We were in our final push before winter break.  The pizza was ordered, the movies were cued, and I was finishing trimming Edward’s hair.“I’m next.” Jared said.  Jared started hanging around us more after the physics study session.  It was nice having him around again and I was doing a good job of not letting my mind take it past a friendship.  “Edward, you are all set, that will be $100.” I smiled.  “Umm, I will gladly pay you Tuesday.” He joked.“What are you doing?  Channeling your inner Wimpy?  I’ll just take a ‘thank you’.”The boys were so trusting to have me give them a trim.  I was not skilled at cutting hair but I was anal about symmetry and the only girl brave enough to risk the boys getting ticked if they hated it.   It was a …