Friday, April 01, 2016

A to Z Blogging Begins!

This month I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Each day I will blog about something beginning with a letter in the alphabet. Sundays are off so don't look for the awesome posts then.

So to begin...our first letter is:

"A" is for...

I am a YA author who has published 2 books with Limitless Publishing. I self-published 4 books before an indie publisher (not Limitless) pursued me and my work. While I didn't sign with that publisher, it got me thinking about trying my books at an indie publisher.

The pro's of going with an indie publisher:
- meet lots of great authors
- support/advice from authors and editors
- facebook following grew from 200 followers (after 2 yrs) to 1300 followers (in 7 months)
- have an awesome street team
- have a PA who helps promote and looks for marketing opportunities
- kick butt covers (they pay for it)
- amazing editors (they pay for it)

The con's of going with an indie publisher:
- the profits are shared with the publisher

Overall, it's been a wonderful move for me career-wise and highly recommend self-pubbed authors to consider indie publishing. Now, if only I had a chance to compare self-publishing and indie publishing to publishing with one of the big 6 publishers!!!! HINT HINT!


Linda said...

That sounds interesting. I guess you'll get one of the big one soon enough, fingers crossed. Happy A-to-Z challenge.

D.A. Roach said...

Thank you Linda....I'll keep working towards it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mary Burris said...

Great advice. I've always wondered if having a publisher is more beneficial than self-publishing. One day, when I write my book, I'm going to have to look further into this.

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M.J. Fifield said...

I love that there are so many viable options open to writers these days. It's great that you're sharing your experiences.

And I saw your book cover in another post...It looks amazing!!

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Barbara Radisavljevic said...

After some of my experiences reading self-published novels on Amazon's Kindle, I see that many people could benefit from professional editing. Many people are self-publishing whose books would never pass the scrutiny of any publishing house. Great review of pros and cons.

Rebecca Noon (AC) said...

Thanks for sharing the whys and hows behind your decision to sign with an Indie Publisher. I think the self-publishing market has opening up a LOT of doors for authors who previously didn't have the resources to get their writing out to the public, but signing with a publisher definitely has the potential to increase your reach and your perceived market value, it seems! Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing what you share for the rest of the challenge!

D.A. Roach said...

Mary, I've been pleased with what Indie Publishing has introduced to me. PR is still mostly left up to the author, and when you consider publishers, I highly recommend contacting an author with the group and asking how they like working with that publisher. Some may be shady and it's better to be informed than to sign your book to someone for five years and find yourself disappointed. Good luck on writing the book!!!

-D.A. Roach

D.A. Roach said...

M.J., Thank you!!! Deranged Doctor Designs did the cover and they rocked it. When I saw the cover I almost passed out, lol!

D.A. Roach said...


I completely agree. Even at our publisher, the editors who write get edited by someone else. Poor editing is a sure fire way to get negative reviews and have people not take your story seriously. Good editing runs about $150 per book and a good cover costs about the same - it's worth the money to invest in polishing your ideas.


D.A. Roach said...


Absolutely! I'm not sure I would have ventured into writing if I couldn't attempt self-publishing. My confidence in writing was not where it needed to be to submit to a publisher. Honestly, I had worn many hats (pharmacist, teacher, business training center manager) and becoming an author was not something I initially strived for.

My writing career began when my dental hygienist begged me to write down a story that happened to my family and I while on vacation years ago. The story was about a family that helped us while my dad recovered from a sudden heart attack. They took us into their home for three weeks and were so kind to us. I wrote the story to honor them, but I fell in love with writing and continued with it. Thankfully the self-publishing route opened allowed me the chance to write and gain my confidence in my work.

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