Thursday, July 02, 2015

Not Another Teen Romance

Not Another Teen Romance
(said with the teenage griping voice and an eyeroll)

Have you read Twilight? Yeah, me too. I loved it but just like the other popular things in life, it has dimmed down to a more standard popularity. How about Fault in Our Stars? Paper Towns? John Green has quite the social media presence and has a way with words. So why would you want to branch out and read a book by a new author? Yes, my story is getting 4 and 5 star reviews but it only has 23 reviews. Fault in Our Stars has 36,124! I don’t blame you for doubting me and my work. To be honest, I would too. I mean 36,124 is REALLY impressive.

But Rarity is an amazing story that begged to be told. It is a fictional tale that is based on real life stories that I heard from others diagnosed with the rare disorder that Jay from Rarity was diagnosed with. Two years ago my son was diagnosed with this disorder and our lives were plunged deep into unknown territory. We had to learn about this disorder, the complications that occur, the life changes, the medications, and the emotional toll that our future held. It was overwhelming, like a tidal wave of sadness pushing me under. I fell into a deep pit and felt so low, so helpless. I did not want this for my child. I had dreams for him and a different life painted than the one handed to us...

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