Tuesday, April 26, 2016

W is for...Wishes!

W is for ...Wishes 

Image result for genie in a bottleCongratulations! You have just inherited this gorgeous decanter, and inside this glass vessel is a genie waiting to grant you three wishes.

Here are the rules:
1. You may not wish for more wishes or endless amounts of money
2. You may not wish harm on another person, place, or thing
3. No wishing for anyone to fall in love with you

Here are my wishes:
1. Cure VEDS
2. Cure Cancer
3. Have enough money to enjoy life and not ever have to worry about finances

What 3 wishes do you wish for?


C R Ward said...

Ohhh, wishes! You want to think carefully about those so you don't squander them. Hmmm.
1. I want to have the nanos in me to keep me at the peak of health like the vampires in Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, only without the whole drinking blood thing.
2. Two credit cards (because where one isn't accepted the other should be) with unlimited credit and the balance vanishes at the end of each month, along with a bank account that no matter how much I spend from it always has a balance of $100,000.00.
3. Ensured health and happiness for my family and all our descendants.
I think I'll head out to the second hand stores to look for old bottles. ;-)
Carol at My Writing Journal

C R Ward said...

I just re-read your rules and it looks like I kind of cheated a bit on my #2 wish. So ... how about I change it to winning a $100 million lottery jackpot. That should keep me going for a while. LOL
Carol at My Writing Journal

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